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It may shock many people to know that William Shakespeare could barely write his
own name, let alone a play or a sonnet!

Although this seems a big surprise now, by the end of 2010 and mid 2011, it will be
far more accepted, as not only is it a main part of my book,
Shakespeare's Truth, it
will also be the central part of a big Hollywood movie by Roland Emmerich called

So what's the proof? Here's my top five Bard-busting facts....
1. Most plays were presented anonymously. Shakespeare was only credited when
they were published for the first time, years after Shakespeare died. The
collection also included a new plays which mysteriously appeared from nowhere!
2. Shakespeare was a corn merchant and actor with no education who didn't
even attempt to educate his children and probably beat his wife. How did he
know about the innermost working of other countries such as the Italy of Romeo
and Juliet? The answer is - he didn't.
3. The only piece of writing anyone has seen of Shakespeare's is a scrawled
signature on a mortgage agreement. No-one has
ever seen an original
4. When Shakespeare died mysteriously of arsenic poisoning, there was no
obiturary in The Times, no mourning, and there was no record of him ever
having received money from the plays.
5. The front runners to be the true author are
The Earl of Oxford, the Earl of
Derby and Sir Francis Bacon
, who all had the education and skills needed to
write the plays. The main outsider is the playwright
Christopher Marlowe.
There is a Wikipedia page on it all here
In Shakespeare's Truth, I reveal who I think the real
author was, and prove it with ciphers, and tons of
research, all in the form of a fast paced thriller.
I have also created my own cipher, which if you can
crack it will tell you where I think the original
handwritten manuscripts are. Imagine if you found
them! Just the manuscript for Hamlet on its own
must be worth hundreds of millions.
Who wants to be a billionaire?
Rex Richards. Author.